Add Watermark To Word 2013 Documents

A watermark is a Text or picture that shows up behind the text on a Word document page. And it is also used to protect documents and images from unauthorized use. Not only can you add a text watermark but you can use images too.

In this article I explain how to add standard and custom watermarks in Word 2013 documents.

Step 1

Open your Word document that you want to add a watermark to.


Step 2

Click the Design Tab in the menu bar and then choose the Watermark button under the page background group.


Step 3

Now the Watermark menu will be opened where some watermarks and formats are available. You can select whichever one you want to insert into your Word document or you can also use a custom watermark like your name, your company name or logo.



Create Custom Watermark

Simply select a Custom watermark option under the watermark menu. That displays the watermark window through which you can insert a watermark as text or as a picture.


For inserting a watermark as Text do the following.

Step 1

Select Text watermark Radio button and then fill the different option.


Step 2

Now click on the apply button. You can see your custom watermark in your Word document.


Note: you can also insert a picture as a watermark. To do that select the picture watermark radio button and then browse for your watermark picture from your computer.


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