Find And Replace in Word 2013

Find And Replace Operation

When you work with a Word document you might have a word used several times in your document and you want to change the word. In this situation the find and replace option is most effective. You can easily find that word and and write another word instead of through the find and replace dialog box.

Step 1

Write some simple text in your Word document or use "=rand()" and press Enter to create some simple text automatically.


Step 2

In the "Editing" group click on the "Replace" option within the "Home" tab or Press "Ctrl + H" to open the "Find and Replace" dialog box.



Step 3

Within the Find and Replace dialog box, enter the word that you want to search for and enter the word you would like to replace it with.


Step 4

Click on the "Replace" button available within the "Find and Replace" dialog box. Then you will see the first occurrence of the word to be replaced. Click on the Replace button again and the second occurrence of the word will be replaced and continue until all find word would not replace. You can also click on the Find Next button to search for the next occurrence of the word.

Step 5

You can also use the "More >>" button available on the dialog for more options for making your search more specific.


Step 6

At last after doing the find and replace operation, you can click the "Close (X)" or "Cancel" button of the dialog box.

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