Create a SharePoint Site Page

This article provides the procedure to create SharePoint site pages in SharePoint online.

What is page?

A Web page in a site can display lists of information, enabling team members to organize the information any way they want, such as by subject, due date, or author. For example, you can do the following:

  • Filter the content to see only the set of information that applies to you
  • Hide information that don't interest you
  • Change the order in which the information is listed
  • Set up customized views to make it easy for your team members to focus quickly on pertinent information
Procedure to create SharePoint site page

Use the following procedure to create a SharePoint site page.

Step 1

Go to your site and click on site contents from your left navigation as shown below.

SharePoint Site Page
Step 2

On the site content page you can see “Site Pages” under Lists, Libraries, and other Apps section and then click on the site pages to create a page as shown below.

site pages under Lists in sharepoint

Step 3

When you click on the site pages you will be navigated to the site pages library, where you can create a new page.

navigated site pages Library
Step 4

Then click on “New” to create a new site page in your SharePoint site.

create new site page in share point

Step 5

When you click on the “New” button, you will get the new item page as shown below.

new page of sharepoint

Step 6

Then provide your page name on the text box and click on the “Create” button.

provide page name in share point
Finally the site page will be created in the site.

new site page of share point


In this article we explored how to create a SharePoint site page in SharePoint online site.