Create Start Menu in Windows 8


In Windows 8 there is no Start Menu button on the desktop. The start button has been removed from Windows 8. But sometimes the user wants it back with the classic style Start Menu. It helps the user to be able to navigate to applications easily without going to the start screen. The start button is a good feature in Windows 7. But in Windows 8 there is a way to get back the old start button on the desktop that shows all the content of the start button. It displays on the taskbar.
In Windows 8 the user can create a new toolbar in the taskbar that displays all the programs upon click, like the start button. Thus the user can create a new Start Menu button using toolbars that show all the programs folder that is available in the classic start button.
In this article, we are going to create a Start Menu toolbar to get back the old Start Menu button in Windows 8. You need to do some steps to create the start button in Windows 8.

Steps to be followed

Step 1
Right-click on the taskbar from the desktop.
Step 2
Go to Toolbars and select the "New toolbar" from it.
Step 3
Then, go to the following path to choose the folder:
Step 4
After that, click the select folder button from the bottom of Windows.
This will create a new program's menu on the taskbar of the desktop that works like the start button:
Step 5
If your taskbar is locked, then unlock your taskbar:
Step 6
Then, set the location of the new toolbar to the left side of the desktop by dragging it to the old start button location.
You can also hide its title and text that are displayed on the program menu toolbar.
Step 7
Right-click on the program menu and point to the show text and show title. Choose the option according to your needs.
Now, your traditional start button is ready to use. You can navigate to any programs from this program toolbar by clicking on it.
If you want to hide the program menu toolbar from the taskbar, you can remove it from the taskbar; then you have no Start Menu on the desktop.
Step 8 
Right-click on the taskbar, point to the toolbars and then uncheck the program option.


In this article, we learned about Create Start Menu in Windows 8.