Type of Checkpoints in Testing

We can insert the following checkpoints to check various objects in a Windows or web application.

Standard Checkpoint

It checks the value of a property of an object in your application or web page. It checks a variety of objects like Buttons, Combo Buttons, Radio Buttons etc. For example we can check that a Radio Button is activated after it is selected or you can check the value of an edit box.


Bitmap Checkpoint

It checks an area of your window or web application as a bitmap. For example, if you have a website that displays a map of a city the user specifies. The map has control keys for zooming. You can record the new map that is displayed after one click on the control key that zooms in the map. Using the bitmap checkpoint, you can check that the map zooms in correctly.

Image Checkpoint

It checks the value of an image in your web or Windows application. For example, we can check that a selected image source file is correct. Note that you create an image checkpoint by inserting a standard checkpoint on an image object.


Table Checkpoint

It checks the values and information of a table. For example, suppose your application or web site contains a table listing all available flights from New York to San francisco. You can add a table checkpoint to check that the time of the first flight in the table is correct. We can insert a table checkpoint by inserting a standard checkpoint on a table.


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