Loadrunner and its components

Load runner is a mercury interactive tool that can predicts the performance and behavior of the system.

By creating the lots of loads, you can see how the system can react at peak levels or with simultaneous users.

To test the application ,load runner emulates an environment where multiple users work concurrently.

while the application is under load. load runner accurately measures and analyzes the system performance and its functionality.


Supporting environment for load runner:-

Application deployment solution: the citrix protocol.

Client server: MS SQL ,ODBC, oracle web applications11i,DB2 ,windows sockets and DNS protocols.

E-business: FTP ,LDAP, Palm, web( HTTP/HTML), web services and dual web/win sockets protocols.

Enterprise java beans- EJB testing and RMI -java protocols.

platforms-NT,2000,XP,SUN, HP ,IBM, LINUX

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Components of load runner

Virtual user generator (VUGEN)

 Itrecords Vuser scripts that emulate the step of real users using the application.


it is an administrative center for creating ,maintaining  ,and executing scenarios .starts and stops load tests, and perform 
other administrative tasks


uses the load test results to create graphs and reports that are used to correlate system information and identify both bottlenecks and performance issues.

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