Embedding Online Video in Word 2013

There is a facility in Microsoft Word for inserting videos into our Microsoft Word 2013 documents. We do not need to run the videos skipping our Word Document. Really this feature is very exciting in which we can search any online video and insert it in our document and whenever necessary we can run it any time. The new Microsoft Word makes it easier to make effective documents by inserting the videos into our document.

But one thing that you need to remember is that playing a video embedded in a Word document requires Internet Explorer 9.

There are some steps to embed the video in the Microsoft Word 2013 and these are as follows:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Word 2013.
  2. Select blank document template from it.

  3. Now, click on the Insert menu.

  4. Now, select the Online Video option from it.

  5. Now, in the given textbox of Bing Video Search write the name of the video that we want to insert in our Word document and click on the search button given aside with the textbox.

  6. Now, a list of videos will be opened from which we can select the video and click on the insert button to insert the video in our document.

  7. A video will be inserted like this.

  8. Now, to play the video click on the arrow sign showing in the center of the video.

  9. After clicking on play button the inserted video will be played like this.


In this way we can insert the video in our Word document.

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