Create a GPO For Roaming User Profile


In this article you will learn about how to create a GPO for a Roaming User Profile.

GPO allows you to create a Roaming User profile and also allows you to make changes in this Roaming User Profile. You can also create a Roaming User Profile when deploying to a Virtual Desktop Environment or by using Remote Desktop Services.

To create a GPO you must use the following procedure.

Step 1

Open your Server Manager. In the Server Manager you will find an option named as "Tools". Under this Tools Tab you will find an option named as "Group Policy Management", open this option.


Now the Group Policy Management Window will be opened, here you will find too many options available.


Step 2

One of these options will be named as "Domain Controller", right-click on this option and click on "Create a Domain in this Domain and Link it here"


Clicking this option will open a new window where you must provide a Name for this GPO. After providing the Name click on "OK" button.


Step 3

Now your GPO will be created and you will see it under the Domains Controller. Now left-click on this GPO, single-click will work here as it's a link, clicking the option will option a message window where you must click on the "OK" button.


Now User Group will be shown on the right-hand side, in the User Group an option will be available named "Security Filtering", here you can select the authenticated users and then click on "Remove" tab.


Step 4

Now click on the "Add" tab to add the users.


A new window will be opened, here you must click on the "Advanced" button.


Step 5

On the next page click on the "Find Now" button, this will find all the Users and Groups on this Domain.


Now select the User or Group that you want to add to this new GPO and then click on "Ok".


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