Customize Windows 10 Display Settings

In this article we will learn how to change the complete display settings in Windows 10 Operating System.

We all know that Microsoft launched a new Windows 10 operating system with high graphics and functionality. In installed Operating System we can already see all the display settings in default mode like Text Size, Icons Size, etc. But sometimes user want to change display settings of Windows 10. There are some important steps to customize Display setting of Windows 10..

Open Display Settings

Firstly, we will open the Display Window setting, Press Windows key from keyboard and then single click on Setting. Here's the screenshot.

Step 1:

Start Menu

Step 2:

Setting Home Page

Step 3:

setting home

After doing the above steps now we can change the Display Setting like size of text, apps and other items according to your requirements. Here's the screenshot,

System Window

Display Detect

Detect Display



Advanced Setting

advance setting

Related Setting: In related settings option we can change Screen Resolution, Color Calibration, Advance Sizing of Text. Here's the screenshot,

Related Settings

Step 1:

Color Setting

Step 2:

Color Celibration

Step 3:

Good Gamma

Step 4:

Adjust gama

Step 5:


Step 6:

adjust brightness

Step 7:


Step 8:

Adjust Contrast

Step 9:


Step 10:


Step 11:

red green blue color

Step 12:

celibaration comparsion

Step 13:

text clear

Step 14:

native resolution

Step 15:

new text look

Step 16:

sample text

Step 17:

change text

Step 18:


Step 19:

next text

Step 20:

Finish Window

Advance sizing of text and other items: In this option we will change the items text size like Menu Bar, Title Bar, Icons etc. Here's the screenshot, 

Other items text

change items

Display adapter properties: If we want to change the Display Adapter Settings likes Display, Refresh Rate, Rotation and Scaling, then just follow these screenshots,

Display Adapter

Adapter pop-up window

intel graphics


The main motivation of this article is to learn how you can customize the Display Settings using Windows 10 Operating System. I hope you liked this article.