Network And Internet Setting In Windows 10


Windows 10 users may want to change the Network & Internet Settings to configure the internet connection like VPN network, Proxy Setting, Ethernet etc. All these settings are not easy to configure by a user. To customize these settings we will follow some steps in detail.

Open Network and Internet Setting

Firstly, open Network & Internet Settings. Press the Windows Key button from the keyboard or single click on Start Menu,  then single click on Settings option as in the following screenshot:
setting up
Now we can see a new SETTINGS window with multiple options. A single click on Network & Internet option as in the following screenshot:

Data Usage

Click on Usage details option marked with RED arrow to check how much data we are using through the Internet.
data uses
Use detials
If you want to change the Storage settings click on it as in the following screenshot.
Storage Setting


To create a new Virtual Private Network just click on the VPN menu option marked with BLACK color and then select Add a VPN connection option marked as BLUE color.
add vpn
Click on Change adapter options marked as a RED color circle for changing he adapter settings as in the following screenshot:
change adpter options
change adpter setting
To change network sharing options click on the Change advanced sharing options marked with the RED color circle as in the following screenshot:
change advance sharing setting
 advance sharing setting
Click on Network and Sharing Center to configure network sharing settings.
If you want to change the Internet properties click on the Internet options marked with RED color as in the following screenshot:
internet option
Whenever your system is at risk, you must use the Windows Firewall program. Click on Windows Firewall
windows firmware
Windows Firmware


We can also create a new Dial-up Connection via any phone device like landline and mobile phones. Click on Set up a new connection marked with RED color circle as in the following screenshot:
dial up setup
set up new connection


Click on Ethernet tab and then click Connected option:
In this Ethernet tab menu, we can also create HomeGroup in a small network. Just click on HomeGroup marked with RED color as in the following screenshot:
home group
a home group


To change the internet proxy setting just click on the Proxy tab and change multiple settings regarding proxy.


In this article, we learned how to configure your network settings or customized network settings. I hope you liked this article.

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