Tablet Mode Feature In Windows 10


Microsoft added a new feature "Tablet Mode" in the "Windows 10" Operating System to improve the functionality of windows navigations and windows response time. In this article, we will learn how to change your simple windows explorer into tablet mode and how to use the new "Tablet Mode" feature. For using the "Tablet Mode" feature follow the below-given steps.
Step 1
Firstly, go to the right side down the corner and click on the "Notifications Pane", then click on the "Tablet Mode" option as in the following screen,
Figure 1 
After completing the step window changed from the normal mode to "Tablet Mode".

Features in "Tablet Mode"

In step 2, we can see all the previously opened windows auto changed into maximized size windows called "Tablet Mode Windows" as in the following screenshot,
Feature 2
After the second step, the complete window changed into "Tablet Mode". In "Tablet Mode", we can see that all by default opened windows changed into auto screen fit mode. Also, change the "Search Box" and convert it into the "Cortana View" as in the following screenshot.
cortara view  
Figure 3 
In the "Tablet Mode", we can't minimize the size of any opened window because in the "Tablet Mode" all the files and any other task opened in full-size windows screen.
After "Tablet Mode" the new "Snapped windows" feature is ON automatically. In this feature, we can open windows side by side. To run this feature first we can go on to any opened window. Then hold mouse pointer on top of windows center and drag it to the left or right direction as in the following screenshot,
Hold pointer and drag it.
After doing this we are selecting "Google Chrome" from the right side snapped window.
Select an application from the right side snapped window.
After clicking on google chrome application previously right side corner window changed and the new "Google Chrome" window opened. You can see in the preceding screenshot. 
The main advantage of the "Tablet Mode" feature of Windows 10 is to improve the touch screen functionality. It means that we can easily and friendly use the touch screen functions as a touch screen mobile phone.


In this article, we learned about tablet mode feature in Windows 10.  

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