User Account Settings In Windows 10

In this article we will learn how to customize user account settings in Windows 10.

Windows 10 users may want to customize Windows 10 Accounts Setting for more reliable access User Account. In Windows 10 a new feature is added to easily configure Account Settings  according to user requirements. To change the User Account Settings here are the steps:

Open Account Setting

In this article first think, how we can open User Account Settings  in Windows 10 Operating System. We can just click on Windows Start menu and press Windows key from keyboard to open Settings home window. Here's the screenshot:


home Setting

After opening Home Settings window, single click on Accounts Setting tab option. Here's the screenshot:

Home Setting

Your Account

In Your Account tab menu, we can change many options likes Account picture, Add Microsoft Account, etc. To do above tasks here are the steps:

Your Picture

User Account
 picture is mainly used for easily identifying own account from multiple accounts options. In this option we can change user account picture. Here's the screenshot:

Click on Browse button marked with black color box. To import any picture see the following screenshot:

your account

Choose any picture from this Windows File Chooser and press Choose picture button marked with red color box:
 image import

After processing New User Account image gets updated.

after importing

Add Microsoft Account

If we have a Microsoft Account you will also add Microsoft Account, just click on red color circle as in the following screenshot:

camera capture image

Wait for sometime.

 just a movement

Enter your Microsoft account and press Sign in button.

microsoft account

Add Work or School Account

We can also add school account for more work reliable or organization. In this login form we can add Office 365 account. Here's the screenshot:

 Add work

Wait for sometime.

school account

Enter Office 365 Account and press Sign in again.

office 365 account

After doing above steps we can successfully login with School Account.


I hope it will be easy to perform what I explained in this article.