Appending SharePoint 2013 List With Different Excel Sheet Column Name

In the previous article, we saw the problem that Header Rows need to have the same name as the SharePoint 2013 List Column Names. It some cases that may not be possible. This article shows how to overcome that problem. Again the Access 2013 desktop version comes to our rescue. We need to link both the SharePoint List and the Source Excel as a Linked Table in Access 2013.
Once both are linked as Linked Tables, select Create a Append Query in Access.
Choose the table to which the data needs to be appended.
Add the other Table to the design surface and choose column by column that the column needs to be appended.
Notice that the source and destination column names can be different.
Click on Run the query. You will get this warning. Click Yes.
Oops! Something went wrong.
We forgot to add values in the Title column of the SharePoint List even if that is not visible. So let's add that and run the query again.
Ok, the query is running now.
Let's see the list in SharePoint. The list is being added with items. Notice that the column names differ from that in Excel.
It takes around 15-20 minutes for around 10,000 records to be added, based on other loads on your server. I hope this helps.