How to determine How Much Data an App is Using in Windows 10


As all we know, the internet has become a part of everyday life. Now all the works are done using the internet and we cannot imagine living or working without an internet connection, whether it is your home/office internet connection or some public Wi-Fi access. Over a period of one month, this data usage can soon cross the fair usage policy limit of your ISP and you may end up having a slower connection near the end of the month.
Windows 10 gives you a feature that allows you to see the breakdown of Wi-Fi usage and Ethernet usage for the last 30 days. Not only this, but it also allows you to check how much data each app consumes. A metered connection is also a tool on Windows 10 that can help you to control the usage of data. But here we decided to share this information with you in this article and will see how to view how much data an app uses in Windows 10.
If you want to determine how much data an app is using in Windows 10 then use the following procedure.
Step 1
Click on the Start button and go to the Settings. 
image 1 
Figure 1: Setting
Step 2
After clicking on the Settings app a new window will open and you need to get into the Network and Internet category. 
Figure 2: Network and Internet
Step 3
When you click on Network and Internet you will get many options. From your left sidebar click on Data Usage. 
image 3
Figure 3: Data Usage
Step 4
After clicking on data using the right pane displays the breakdown of Wi-Fi and Ethernet usage for the past thirty days.
image 4
Figure 4: Overview of Data Usage
Step 5
If you click on Usage details under the data usage statistics, then it opens a new screen where you can see the data usage details for all the individual apps. 
Figure 5: Usage Details
Step 6
You will now see all the apps along with their data usage details. 
image 6
Figure 6: Details usage of Data
Knowing how much data has been used by your Windows 10 PC is great for those on limited internet connections that either stop working after a certain number of gigabytes of data usage or they get extremely slow. In addition, you can also see which of the apps is busy using your internet data and remove those apps that you do not really need. This is absolutely the easiest way to trace the data usage of your apps on Windows 10. Now you can do that as well as and control your data consumption.


This article explained how to view how much data an app is using in Windows 10. 

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