Silverlight Business Application


Business Application is a template available when you install RIA services into your system. It carries two assemblies as System.Windows.RIA and System.Windows.RIA.Controls. And it adds two Silverlight Templates to VS 2008. One of them is Silverlight Navigation application and Silverlight Business Application. Here we are going to see Silverlight Business Application.

Silverlight Business Application

The basic addition in this template we can see is the User Authentication. That is login and logout functionality. As you can see on top right corner, login is displayed in the following figure.


Figure 1.1 Silverlight Business Application Home Page


Figure 1.2 Login link.

If you try to login, a new child window will pop up; which contains the login information such as username and passwords. If you don't have any of them; you have links to create a new account.


Figure 1.3 Login Page

If the login information is wrong a error message in the form of child window will pop up, showing the error details.


Figure 1.4 Login Error message.

If you choose for Register now in the main login window, it will pop the following window. This window is called the Register window. It contains valuable information to Register a user Such as: username, password, email, security question, and security answer.


Figure 1.5 Register Window.

After registering yourself, now you can login to follow the authentication process. The following figure displays the Application after logging in.


Figure 1.6 Application after the user logged in.

After the user logged has logged on, the user can have the following two displays such as the welcome user and one link to logout from the application.


Figure 1.7 User Logged in information and Logout link.


This is a wonderful template provided by RIA Services which is helpful for user authentication applications. It can be customized for user's requirement.


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