Add a Project in JIRA Bug Tracking Tool in Testing

JIRA is an open source bug tracking tool. This tool is extensively used by companies to maintain the Bug system. In this tool we can add multiple projects and track bugs for them. The following is the procedure to add the project in a JIRA tool.

  1. Open JIRA in a Mozilla web browser. Only an admin user can add the project so we have to login as an admin user. Enter the Username and Password and click on the Login button; see:


  2. To add a project we have to enter it in the Admin account by clicking on the "Administration" link on the top-right side of the page.


  3. Under the Projects link, click on the Add Project link. Select Projects > Add Project.


  4. On clicking on the Add Project link it will display the "Administrator Access" window. To add a project we have to give the password. Enter the password and then click on the Confirm button.


  5. In the Add a new project window, enter the Project Name and Key; we can then assign the project lead for the specific project in this window.


  6. After adding the details in the Add a new project window it displays the project dashboard. Here we can set the various settings for this project.