Defect Search Section in JIRA Tool in Testing

This open source tool JIRA provides a good search facility. In this we can search for issues across various projects, versions and components. In JIRA we also use custom fields to search further which are available as search criteria. We can also save our search as an issue filter in JIRA so that we can re-run the search again.

Performing a Simple Search

Click the "Issues" tab in the top right side of the JIRA tool. It will display the Issue navigator page.


To run a new search, click the "New" link on the top left hand side of the page. It will display a search form on the left side of the page.

Provide the particular search query in the query box or we can select relevant checkboxes to refine our search.


Click on the "Search" button to perform the search. It will display the search results in the Issue Navigator.

Using the "Components/Versions" section

We can also search for an issue using the Components/Versions section as follows:


Using the "Issue Attributes" section

We can also refine our search or search a particular defect by using the Issue Attributes section. In this we have the following sections:

  • Reporter
  • Assignee
  • Status
  • Resolutions
  • Priorities
  • Labels


Using the "Dates and Times" section

We can also search using the Date and Time section in the JIRA Tool. We can search by selecting issues logging dates in the following sections:

  • Created after or before a particular date
  • Updated after or before a particular date
  • Resolved after or before a particular date
  • Due after or before a particular date


Using the "Work Ratio" section

JIRA tool contains a "Work Ratio" section which gave us the facility to search issues in the JIRA tool based on time-tracking details. A "Work Ratio" search is based on the Actual work logged against an issue versus the original Estimated work duration.