Functions of QTP Tool

Function Library
Quick Test Professional provides a built in editor that enables you to create and debug function libraries using the same editing features that are available in the Expert View.
Start Page 
QTPScreen1 start page.jpg
The Start Page welcomes you to Quick Test and describes the new features in this release including links to more information about these features.
Active Screen
active scrreen.jpg
The Active Screen provides a snapshot of your application as it appeared when you performed a certain step during a recording session. Additionally, depending on the Active Screen capture options that you used while recording, the page displayed in the Active Screen can contain detailed property information about each object displayed on the page. To view the Active Screen, click the Active Screen button or select View> Active Screen.
Available Keywords Pane
The Available Keywords pane enables you to drag and drop objects or calls to functions into your test. when you drag and drop an object into your test ,Quick Test inserts a step with the default operation for that object. When you drag and drop a function into your test, Quick Test inserts a call to that function. To view the Available Keywords pane, click the Available Keyword Pane button or select View > Available Keywords. 
Process Guidance Panes
Process guidance is a tool that provides procedures and descriptions on how to best perform specific processes. You use process guidance to learn about new processes and to learn the preferred methodology for performing processes with which you are already familiar. Process guidance is displayed in two panes: 
  1. The process Guidance Activities pane.
  2. The Process guidance Description pane.
You display or hide these panes by choosing View > Process Guidance or clicking the Process Guidance panes toggle button.
Resources Pane
Tests and actions are associated with resources such as function libraries, recovery scenarios and object repositories. Quick Test displays all the resources associated with a test in the Resources pane. The Resources pane enables you to add, remove and manage all of resources in your test. To view the Resources pane, click the Resources Pane button or select View > Resources.