Adding Existing Checkpoints to a Test in Testing Using QTP Tool

Quick Test enables you to reuse the existing checkpoints in your test. When you insert a checkpoint into your test, consider which checkpoints can be reused in multiple locations in your test.

The following examples illustrate situations in which inserting an existing checkpoint may be useful.

If each page of your application contains your organization's logo, then you can reuse a bitmap checkpoint to verify each occurrence in the application.


If your application contains multiple edit boxes, you can reuse a checkpoint to confirm the enabled status of these edit boxes throughout your test.

You open the Add Existing Checkpoint dialog box by selecting Insert > Checkpoint > Existing Checkpoint.

The Existing Checkpoint Dialog Box shows as in the following image:


This option is available only if at least one of the object repositories associated with the current action (including the local object repository) contains at least one checkpoint.


If a test object step is highlighted in the Keyword View or the cursor is located in a step in the Expert View, the Add Existing checkpoint dialog box opens with the Test Objects tree hidden.


You can display or hide the Test Objects tree by clicking the Show/Hide Test Objects button.