Introducing JButton Class of Swing in Java


In this article we discuss the JButton class of Swing in Java.

What JButton class is?

This class creates a button that has a platform-independent implementation. The JButton class always extends the AbstractButton class.
Commonly used Constructors
  • JButton()
          Generates a button with no text or icon.
  • JButton(String str)
          Generates a specified text button.
  • JButton (Icon icn)
          Generates a specified icon object on a button.
Commonly used public methods
Some commonly used public methods of the Button class are:
  • void setText(String str)
          It sets a specified pattern or text on an image.
  • String getText()
          It returns the text of the button.
  • void setEnabled(boolean bln)
          It enables or disables the button.
  • void setIcon(Icon icn)
          It sets the specified icon on the button.
  • Icon getIcon()
          Gets the icon of the button.
  • void setMnemonic(int a)
          Sets the mnemonic on the button.
  • void addActionListener(ActionListener al)
          Adds the action listener to this object.
In this example; we create a button of an image type. We have used the following image to be displayed on the button.
  1. import javax.swing.*;  
  2. import java.awt.event.*;  
  3. Public Class JButtonOfImageEx   
  4. {  
  5.  JButtonOfImageEx()   
  6.  {  
  7.   JFrame frm = new JFrame();  
  8.   JButton btn = new JButton(new ImageIcon("btnimg.jpg"));  
  9.   btn.setBounds(14510510545);  
  10.   frm.add(btn);  
  11.   frm.setSize(630410);  
  12.   frm.setLayout(null);  
  13.   frm.setVisible(true);  
  14.   frm.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE);  
  15.  }  
  16.  public static void main(String[] args)   
  17.  {  
  18.   new JButtonOfImageEx();  
  19.  }  
  20. }   
After pressing Enter in the command prompt we get the following (generates a new window that contains a button of image type).