Create Your Own SSL Enabled Website


In this article we will learn how to create the SSL certificates for our web site which we are hosting on our IIS server. Creation of SSL certificates is supported by IIS version 7.0 and later. Now a days, security is among the most important things for web applications and we are providing security to our application by using various ways out of that is one creating SSL enabled websites. All of you are aware of what SSL is so I think there is no need to explain what SSL is and other things related to SSL. So we can proceed directly to make SSL enabled websites. So just follow the steps given.

Step1 : First make sure your system has IIS 7.0 or a later version. Open it by a Command line using inetmgr or from the control panel.

Step2 : Now on the left hand site pane right-click on the sites tab and select Add web site which is just like your hosting new website under IIS like below.


Step3 : Next provide the name to your website and provide the full physical path of your web site like given below.


Step4 : Still just we created one virtual name for our application and given the path i.e. we hosted our website. Next we have to create the SSL certificate to make our website a SSL enabled website so just in left pane click on root and in middle area select Server Certificates like given below.


Step5 : After clicking on Server Certificates see on the right hand side pane it will look like something below so click on Create Self Signed Certificate like below.


Step6 : After you select Create Self Signed Certificate it will open a dialog box such as shown below which will ask you for the name of the certificate, so provide the name like below.


Step7 : After completing the certificate creation you can view the created certificate in the middle pane; it is available now, right-click on your website virtual name on the left side pane and select Edit Bindings to assign the created SSL certificate for our website like below.


Step8 : When you select Edit bindings it will open the Binding dialog box which contains all the bindings for your website like below. Here we will add one more binding i.e. https followed by our newly create SSL certificate.


Step9 : Click on the Add button to add a new binding to your website which will open one more dialog like below; here you can provide a new binding rule and the created SSL certificate like below.


Step10 : After Selecting the https binding and the certificate, close all the dialog boxes and refresh your web site in the left hand side pane; it will all take effect now.

Step11 : Now open your browser and type the url for your website like below. That's done; we are now able to move on httls protocol while browsing our website.


First time when you browse this newly created website it will ask to install the SSL certificate on your system; accept that certificate.


Using simple steps and IIS features we are able to create our own SSL certificates and host our web site on SSL layer.

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