Using WPF GroupBox in C# and XAML

By default, a GroupBox can have one child only but multiple child controls can be added by placing a container control on a GroupBox such as a Grid or StackPanel.
The GroupBox element in XAML represents a GroupBox control. The following code snippet creates a GroupBox control, sets its background and font. The code also sets the header by using GroupBox.Header. 
  1. <GroupBox Margin="10,10,10,10" FontSize="16" FontWeight="Bold" Background="LightGray">  
  2. <GroupBox.Header>  
  3. C# Corner  
  4. </GroupBox.Header>  
  5. <TextBlock FontSize="14" FontWeight="Regular">  
  6. This is a group box control content.  
  7. </TextBlock>  
  8. </GroupBox>  
The output looks like the following windows where a group box is displayed with its content.
WPF GroupBox  
The content of a GroupBox can be any content including multiple child controls. If you need to place multiple controls, you may need to use a container control such as a panel or grid.
You can format a GroupBox header’s color and border thickness.
The following code example creates a GroupBox with an orange border with multiple controls.
  1. <GroupBox Margin="10,10,10,10" FontSize="16" FontWeight="Bold"  
  2.             Background="LightYellow" BorderBrush="Orange" BorderThickness="3">  
  3.             <GroupBox.Header>  
  4.                 Author Information  
  5.             </GroupBox.Header>  
  6.             <Grid>  
  7.                 <Label Margin="20,20,0,0" Content="C# Corner Featured Authors">  
  9.                 </Label>  
  10.                 <ListBox Margin="30,61,519,183" Height="131">  
  11.                     <ListBoxItem IsSelected="true">Mahesh Chand</ListBoxItem>  
  12.                     <ListBoxItem>Allen O'neill</ListBoxItem>  
  13.                     <ListBoxItem>Dave McCarter</ListBoxItem>  
  14.                     <ListBoxItem>Monica Rathbun</ListBoxItem>  
  15.                     <ListBoxItem>John Morehouse</ListBoxItem>  
  16.                 </ListBox>  
  18.                 <Button Margin="30,213,519,127" Content="Selected Author"/>  
  19.             </Grid>  
  20.         </GroupBox>  
The new Window looks like the following.
WPF GroupBox with controls 
In this article, we saw how to use a WPF GroupBox. 

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