XAML ListView

The <ListView> element represents a WPF ListView control in XAML. 
  1. <ListView />  
The code example in the following list creates a ListView and sets its properties. 
  1. <ListView Margin="10,10,0,13" Name="ListView1" HorizontalAlignment="Left"  
  2. VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="200" Height="300" />  
The ListViewItem item represents an item of ListView. The following code example adds several items to a ListView. 
  1. <ListView Margin="10,10,0,13" Name="ListView1" HorizontalAlignment="Left"  
  2. VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="194" Height="200">  
  3. <ListViewItem Content="Coffie"></ListViewItem>  
  4. <ListViewItem Content="Tea"></ListViewItem>  
  5. <ListViewItem Content="Orange Juice"></ListViewItem>  
  6. <ListViewItem Content="Milk"></ListViewItem>  
  7. <ListViewItem Content="Iced Tea"></ListViewItem>  
  8. <ListViewItem Content="Mango Shake"></ListViewItem>  
  9. </ListView>  
The Foreground and Background attributes of a ListViewItem represents the background and foreground colors of the item. The following code snippet sets the background and foreground colors of a ListViewItem. 
  1. <ListViewItem Background="LightCoral" Foreground="Red" Content="Coffie"></ListViewItem>  
The FontFamily, FontSize and FontWeight are used to set a font of a ListViewItem. The following code snippet sets font verdana, size 12 and bold of a ListViewItem. 
  1. <ListViewItem Background="LightCoral" Foreground="Red" Content="Coffie"  
  2. FontFamily="Verdana" FontSize="12" FontWeight="Bold"></ListViewItem>  
  3. I set the following properties of ListViewItems.  
  4. <ListViewItem Background="LightCoral" Foreground="Red" Content="Coffie"  
  5. FontFamily="Verdana" FontSize="12" FontWeight="Bold"></ListViewItem>  
  6. <ListViewItem Background="LightGray" Foreground="Black" Content="Tea"  
  7. FontFamily="Georgia" FontSize="14" FontWeight="Bold"></ListViewItem>  
  8. <ListViewItem Background="LightBlue" Foreground="Purple" Content="Orange Juice"  
  9. FontFamily="Verdana" FontSize="12" FontWeight="Bold"></ListViewItem>  
  10. <ListViewItem Background="LightGreen" Foreground="Green" Content="Milk"  
  11. FontFamily="Georgia" FontSize="14" FontWeight="Bold"></ListViewItem>  
  12. <ListViewItem Background="LightBlue" Foreground="Blue" Content="Iced Tea"  
  13. FontFamily="Verdana" FontSize="12" FontWeight="Bold"></ListViewItem>  
  14. <ListViewItem Background="LightSlateGray" Foreground="Orange" Content="Mango Shake"  
  15. FontFamily="Georgia" FontSize="14" FontWeight="Bold"></ListViewItem>  
Here is a detailed tutorial on ListView: WPF ListView Tutorial.  

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