Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts


Download the attached PDF and print out the sheet. 
Here is a list of Windows 8 Hot Keys.
  • Win = Windows key on the keyboard
  • Win + Key = Press keys while the Windows key is pressed. 
Snaps application to the right side and also used to toggle between the right side left the side and fullscreen
Switches between old desktop view and new metro view
Win + B
Takes you back to the desktop
Win + C
Opens the Charms Bar
Win + D
Go to Desktop
Win + E
Opens  Windows Explorer
Win + Enter
Opens Windows Narrator
Win + F
Searches Files
Win + H
Goes to share settings pane
Win + I
Opens the Settings menu
Win + J
Switches focus between snapped Metro style apps
Win + K
Open device settings pane and lists currently connected devices
Win + L
Locks the screen
Win + M
Minimizes all applications
Win + P
Opens second screen and projector settings
Win + Pause
Opens System Properties window
Win + Print Screen
Takes a screenshot of the current screen and saves as a PNG in PicturesLibrary
Win + R
Opens Run window
Win + T
Previews Opened Windows in Taskbar
Win + Tab
Opens Switch List
Win + U
Opens  Ease of Access Center
Win + Q
Opens Global Search
Win + W
Searches System Settings
Win + X
Opens System Utility settings in the menu in the bottom-left corner
Win + Z
Accesses Options of Metro Apps
Win + .
Snaps application to the left side
Win + ,
Peeks at the desktop, also known as Aero Peek
Ctrl + Mouse Scroll
In the metro view, tiles zoom toggle
In desktop view, changes desktop icon size
Ctrl + Shift+ N
Creates a new folder in the currently selected directory
Win + Page Up/ Page Down
Switches between the primary and the secondary monitors in dual display mode


In this article, we learned about Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts. 

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