A Project Report In WPF (R-Office Management System)

This is a small office management system. With the help of this project all office employee can connect with each other, request online leave, get birthday reminders, get status of present/absent employees and use an automatic attendence system when logged in and logged out. Just need to install and setup of this project to every machine.

In this project there are 2 types of users one is Employee of a office and other is Admin. An Admin has full access for this project. I  am showing every right of both types of user in the following DFD.


Image 1.

I made this project in Visual Studio 2010 and SqlServer2008. The database is located in the DATA folder of the Application. Just attach the data and change connection string in app.config.


Image 2.

When we run the application then first the Login window will appear


Image 3.

Here 2 types of user can login; one is Admin and the other is Employee. Here I login with 

UserId – [email protected]
Password rahul 

This is admin credential so it will redirect to Admin Home page after login. First I am going to show admin functionality then after that I will show normal employee functionality.

This is Admin Home window.

Admin Home.JPG

Image 4. 

Add New Employee Window



Image 5. 

Get All Employees


Image 6.

This is leave request page


Image 7.

 Present Employee window


Image 8.

Employee Detail on Click of employee record


Image 9.

Absent Employees Window


Image 10.

 Showing Upcoming Birthdays in current Month 


Image 11.

 Logout Window


Image 12.

Now I am going to show Employee functionality.


Image 13.

When a user has logged in as a Employee then this window will show


Image 14.

This is my Info window.


Image 15.

This is leave request window

Image 16.

This window will show all approved leave of a employee.


Image 17.

This window will show Employees denied leave.


Image 18.

Like in admin user can see all present and all absent employees.

Upcoming birthdays


Image 19.

Logout window


Image 20.

There can be functionality added to this project, but due to limited time I couldn't add that in this. So if any user thinks or wants to add extra functionality in this project then he/she can.