R-Bug Tracking System

HI all, this is an open-source project named R-Bug Tracking System. In the software development process testing is an important phase. So to keep testing data we need to have some Bug Tracking System. Since we have many tools available in the market to report bugs and check their status, I got this idea for making our own Bug Tracking System.

In this project a tester can raise a bug and assign this bug to a developer. By logging in, the developer can see all the open bugs assigned to him. After fixing a bug the developer can change the status of bug from Open to Fixed. When the tester logs in, he can check the bug and can change the status to Closed or Open.

Now I will explain the functionality of my system. The following is the DFD:


The following is the default screen of my project (Login page):

If logged in as Super Admin:


From here the Admin can add new a employee as developer/ tester/ Team Leader/ Project Manager and can assign projects to that employee.

Project Manager

If logged in as Tester then the MyAccount page will be. Here the tester can view a report of his created bug as All Open Bug Report, All Fixed bug Report and All Closed Bug Report.

Here I am showing all these records in a Grid View. By clicking on Bug Id Tester we can view the Bug Details.

Bug Detail

From here a Tester can create a new bug and assign this bug to a developer.


The Tester can view all the fixed bugs and after checking he can close or open that bug from the following page.


Now if logged in as Developer:

My Account: Can view All Open Bug/ All Fixed Bug/ All Closed Bug.

Closed Bug

By clicking on Blog Id a Developer can view the Bug Details and he can fix the issue and can update the status of the bug as fixed.

status of bug

In this project I am using 2 tables.

1. Employee

Employee Table

2. BUG


I have copied the database file to the App_Data folder as in the following:

App_Data folder

To run this project just attach the DB and make changes in the connection string.