Add Users to Office 365 - Part One


Office 365 is an internet based collaboration platform which enables the Office application services and other productivity application services based on the plans subscribed by the user.

To access Office 365 portal or services, the person should have a user account. Office 365 has the service which is used to store user accounts and their permissions & roles. Creating the user account in the office 365 admin center enables the user to login and access office 365 services.

There are multiple options available to create / import users to the office 365 environment. This article covers how to add a single user to the office 365. And in future articles I’ll cover various options to create a user (part 2 and Part 3),

  1. Add Users to Office 365 – Part 1

    Create / add a single user to Office 365

  2. Add Users to Office 365 – Part 2

    Bulk import of user to Office 365

  3. Add Users to Office 365 – Part 3

    Active directory synchronization

To add a single user to Office 365:

  1. Signup to Office 365 for Business.
  2. Login to Office 365 portal.
  3. Navigate to Office 365 admin center
  4. Single user creation option available in two areas,

    a. By using “Users” widget,


    b. By navigating to Active Users Page from Admin Page Side bar,

    i. Select User menu in Side bar,

    Side bar

    ii. Then Select Active Users, which navigates to Active User page.

    Active User page

  5. Choose “Add a User” link from Users widget in admin home page and Choose “Add a User” button from Active Users page. This opens a New User dialog box in left side of the page.

  6. Enter the new user information in a newly opened New User dialog.

    new user

  7. Expand Contact Information to fill up the contact details (shown in below screenshot) for the user.


  8. Click on Password and expand the below section. Which provides two options to generate the password for new user.

    a. Auto-generate password – System automatically generates the password and sends that through via email.

    Auto-generate password

    b. Let me create the password – Enables the password box, where user can enter the password manually and share that with user.


    The system also enables the feasibility for the user to create their own password during the first login to office 365 environment. By enabling the checkbox “Make this user change their password when they first sign in”.

  9. Click Roles and expand the different roles available in new user creation. Select any one of the below options to enable the access to User.


    Customize Administrator, Admin can assign one or more admin roles to specific services in office 365 to a new user. Whereas Global Administrator enables admin access to all services.

    Customize Administrator

  10. Expand Product licenses and select any one of the below options to assign product license to user.



  11. Click Save Button to create a new user based on the provided information.

  12. After User creation, dialog page redirects to the below page.


  13. To send mail to user / anyone, choose “Send password in email” and enter email id. Then Send email ,and closing sends the email to the provided entered address and closes the dialog and redirects to the “Active Users” page.

    Active Users


Hope you have enjoyed this article and I’ll cover more options available in office 365 for various functionalities. Please feel to reach out to me  for any more queries.

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