An overview of Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016

Last week , when I was trying to install this new Windows Server 2016 operating system on my MacBook ( Please read my previous article "Installing Windows Server 2016 on Mac using VirtualBox, if you missed it )and my roommate was sitting right next to me; he was watching the installation process, which was done by me. He started asking me few questions about this new Windows Server 2016.

  • What’s new in this Windows Server 2016?
  • What does this do?
  • What are the different available editions?

After answering all his questions, I decided to write an article and share my knowledge with you to help you understand about this new Windows Server 2016 operating system. Windows Server 2016 is the new operating system from Microsoft. It was developed concurrently with Windows 10 operating system . As you can see below, the background logo of Windows Server 2016 matches with Windows 10 operating system background.

Windows Server 2016 Background Image

Windows Server 2016 is a Cloud-ready operating system, which introduced technologies for an easy transition to Cloud computing and adding new layers of security to secure your organization’s infrastructure.

Whats new with Windows Server 2016?

Image Courtesy : Microsoft.

  1. Built-in Security (OS level) - Adding layers of Security

    Windows Server 2016 comes with the built-in breach resistance to help to prevent the attacks on the computers. Even if a hacker enters into your environment, these layers of security built in Windows Server 2016 limits the damage; the hacker can cause and help to detect a suspicious activity.

    Windows Server 2016 provides security at the operating system level. Following are the various benefits with these added layers of security in Windows Server 2016.

    1. Protect VMs (Virtual Machines). b. Secure Administrator Credintials. c. Helps to identify the attacks.
    2. Meet compliance goals.
    3. Protects operating system.

  2. Migrate to Cloud when you are ready
    You can now easily migrate to Cloud with Hyper-V.

  3. Low Storage Costs
    You can get affordable storage costs and high performance with the software-defined storage capabilities in Windows Server 2016.

  4. Application Innovation
    You can run your existing Applications on Windows Server 2016 without modifying them. With modern DevOps environment, you can easily transform the way; you develop, run and deploy.

  5. New Cloud Licensing Benefits
    With Azure Hybrid use benefit, you can save up to 50 percent on Windows Server virtual machines.

Windows Server 2016 Editions

There are two editions of Windows Server 2016. They are listed below.

  1. Windows Server 2016 Standard

    1. Standard edition is limited to 16 or few processor cores. With this edition, you can host up to 2 virtual machines in Hyper- V.
    2. This edition is for physical or minimally virtualized environments.

  2. Windows Server 2016 Data Center Edition

    1. There is no software limitation in Data Center Edition. It can host unlimited virtual machines. This edition is for highly virtualized or Cloud environments.
    2. This edition includes new Data Center functionality.
    3. Shielded VMs.
    4. Software defined storage and networking.

Other Editions of Windows Server 2016

There are other editions as well of Windows Server 2016 for special use and they are given below.

  • Essential Edition
    It is for small business that never grows beyond 25 - 50 devices.

  • Nano Server
    It is a feature, which comes with Standard or Data Center Edition. It can be a file Server, Web Server or Smart Virtual Machine or DHCP/DNS etc.

  • Hyper -V (Hypervisor)
    Hyper-V hosts other virtual machines.