BlockChain Supports CR from CRUD


BlockChain will not allow either the update or deletion of transactions, because of its core design. BlockChain is designed for cryptocurrency transactions not for day-to-day data-saving mechanisms.

In traditional data-saving frameworks, we can do create, read, update delete operations. Were in Block chain we could only create and read. This we will see with an example, I tried to explain the example as simply as possible.

Let's say A has to transfer 300 Coins to B. By mistakenly A transfers 400 Coins to B.

So here, A cannot revert the transaction to get over-transferred coins from B. For that, B should initiate a new transaction of 100 coins to A.

Usual database framework to Blockchain

As BlockChain is designed keeping in mind for crypto currency, not necessary to restrict its use case for crypto currency. Its usage can be best used in places where data cannot be tampered with.

For example in the case of supply chain management. To identify the origin of the product and track the entities involved in its shipment. BlockChain play’s key role.

Shared Ladger

The entities involved in the shipment process, at each entry and exit point, enroll there to id with date/time. So the end user will be aware of the source and destination of the product.

As BlockChain, does not allow UPDATE or DELETE of data, data missing or tampering not going to happen.


I hope it helps to understand the BlockChain Create/Read mechanism objective and use case in supply chain management.

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