Calendar Overlays In SharePoint 2013 And SharePoint Online / Office 365

Calendar Overlays are an exciting feature present within SharePoint Calendars by which multiple calendar events can be combined into a single calendar representation. The appointments in the child calendars can be assigned unique colours in the master calendar thereby facilitating quick visual identification. This is how the child calendars overlaid in the master calendar will look:

The Calendars in the view will be shown in the left hand pane enabling the user to correlate the events with their associated calendar.

Let’s see how we can create a calendar overlay to create a master-child relationship between multiple calendars. Create a calendar of Upcoming Events which will be the master calendar that shows events across other Child Calendars i.e.: Admin Events, HREvents, and FinanceEvents.

Let’s create child calendar Admin Events as below:

Let’s create child calendar Finance Events and fill up appointments as below:

Finally create the child calendar HR Events and fill up the appointments as below:

Now let’s create the Calendar Overlay to super impose the Child Calendar Events on to the Parent Calendar -Upcoming Events.

Click on New Calendar to add the Child Calendar View to the Overlay View.

Specify the HR Events Calendar URL and the colour by which its events should appear as overlay in the Parent Calendar.

Click on New Calendar again and add Admin Events Calendar to the Overlay View specify the URL and the color by which the Admin Events should appear as overlay in the parent calendar as overlay.

Click on New Calendar and add Finance Events to the Overlay View. Specify the URL of the calendar and the color by which the events should appear as overlay.

Now the Overlay Calendars will be listed as below:


Click on OK to see the final overlay of the Child Calendars in the Parent Calendar.

The main calendar will now list events, not only those placed within the main calendar, but also the ones created in the child calendars. Any new Event created in the Child Calendar will be automatically updated in the parent calendar.