Change Screen Refresh Rate In Windows 10


The Screen refresh rate is the number of times during a second that a device reconstructs its buffer. It means that your monitor will show the range of frames per second. Hertz frequency is used as the measurement at which the screen is redrawn. 1Hz suggests that it will draw 1 image per second.
If you want to get more clear visibility and less strain on your eyes then manage the refresh rate in high frequency for each display connected to your laptop or computer. When the monitor screen refresh rate is higher, then the display is smoother and sharper. You can change the screen refresh rate in Windows 10.
A combination of the monitor and graphics card you have got connected to your computer or laptop offers a range of display resolutions, most of which enables adjusting the screen refresh rate. Then, refresh rates for a display can depend upon the monitor, its driver, and also the set screen resolution.
Generally, a refresh rate of 60Hz is considered to be the best screen refresh rate. For human eyes this refresh rate is optimum and if you want to get a more sharp and smooth viewing experience, many modern displays are available at a higher screen refresh rate with 144Hz and 240Hz for gamers and professionals.
This tutorial will show you various steps on how to change the screen refresh rate in Windows 10.
Step 1
From the Start Menu, select Settings.
Start Menu
Step 2
Select System.
Step 3
Click on the "Display" option and then select "Advanced display settings".
System Option
Step 4
Select the "Display adapter properties for Display 1" link.
Display adapter properties
Step 5
Click on the Monitor tab, and then use the drop-down menu to select the refresh rate you wish.
Generic PnP Moniter
Step 6
Alternatively, you can choose the refresh rate by clicking on the "List All Modes" button in the "Adapter Tab".
alternate way
Step 7
Choose a suitable display mode, that has the screen refresh rate you want for the selected display, and then click on the "OK" button.
List all modes window


By following the above steps, you can change the screen refresh rate in Windows 10.
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