Coauthoring In Power Apps - Model Driven Apps

Coauthoring in Power Apps

Coauthoring is one of the most awaited features in model-driven apps on the power platforms. 

Traditionally it has been always something single developer development wherein developers used to develop the components in Model Driven App individually and then they used to bundle the components in a solution, export the same on the local repository to follow the process of unpacking the solution in individual XML and then committing the code where they have to merge the changes of the components to achieve a common goal.

Recently Microsoft announced the release of this Co-authoring application wherein now multiple developers would be able to work all together on the same app. They would be able to see who is working on which part of the app, and they can take the development altogether. This will assist the developers to develop more and deliver more overcoming the challenges being faced with code export, code merging, and solution merging during the code commit to a GitHub repository.

It would be more like a chat experience wherein now the different developers would be able to chat altogether and tag each other on different communications which are going out in there. And the best part would be they would be able to see the changes on the app being undertaken by the other developer in real time that too without sharing the screen.

This new feature of Co-authoring would be available in the model designer of the Power app platform to all the developers out there.

Coauthoring in Power Apps - Model Driven Apps

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