#! Comments in JavaScript ES2023

What are #! comments?

#! comments, also known as shebang lines, are the first line in a script file that tells the operating system which interpreter to use for executing the script. This essentially allows you to run JavaScript files directly as executables without needing extra steps like invoking node or other interpreters explicitly.

#!/usr/bin/env node

console.log("Hello C# Corner! This is Jithu");


#! comments JavaScript


  1. Convenience: Makes running JavaScript scripts as executables more straightforward and user-friendly.
  2. Portability: Can be used across different systems if the specified interpreter is available.
  3. Simplified deployment: Allows for easier distribution and execution of JavaScript scripts without additional configuration.

Note. Also note the below mentioned points.

#! comments must be the first line of the script file.

The interpreter path specified after #! can vary depending on your system and desired interpreter (e.g., #!/usr/bin/env node for Node.js).