Comparison Between REST And SOAP APIs

In this article, we will discuss about the difference types of differences between Rest & Soap API. So after reading this articles, reader will clearly understand why, when and how any one API out of this two used in their development.

In the field of Web Development, the most common and well-known keyword is Web Services. So before going to start the discussion about Rest and Soap API, we first understand what is Web Services?

What is Web Services?

Web Service, this work stands different meanings to different people in different working fields. The meaning of this word is totally different for web developers or web masters and common users who normally used internet as a general user. Actually Web Services is a service which offered from one electronic device to another electronic device for communicating with each other with the help of World Wide Web (WWW). In a web service, the web technology like HTTP is used to communicate for machine to machine communication to transfer data from one machine to another machine as a XML or Json format. This can be use for direct application to application interactions. These systems can be include programs, objects, messages or documents.

So this communication mechanism can be categorized into two different types,

  1. Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP
  2. Representational State Transfer or REST

But most of the time, both of these two-category treated as same meanings. But actually, as per the communication process or behavior, these two categories are different in nature.

What is SOAP API?

Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP API is basically a standard communication protocol process or system which permits processes using different types of operating systems like Linux and Windows to communicate via HTTP and its XML data. This type of APIs are basically designed to create, update, delete and retrieve data like user information, accounts etc. SOAP API offers nearly twenty different types of calls which always make easy for the web developers to maintain their own accounts, perform accurate searches and much more. This concept or technique can be used in all those languages which normally support web services. SOAP APIs always take the advantage of making or developing basic web based protocols such as HTTP and its XML data which are already operating within all operating systems. This is the one of the main reason why developers can easily manipulate web services and retrieve the responses without considering about language and platforms.

What is REST API?

REST API is not a similar pattern of web services like SOAP API. REST is actually an architectural process or way of the web services which always work as a channel of communication between different computers or systems on the web. These types of application programming interfaces always are backed by the architecture process style of REST architectural system which is always known as RSST APIs. REST APIs are always compliant with other Web Services, database systems and computer systems and also instructed the systems to get robust access and restructuring representations of the web based resources by deploying a predefined set of stateless protocols and standard operations. With the help of this types of API, we can redeploy the operations and protocols of the manageable and actually updated components without causing the effect on the systems. REST API systems always delivery fast performance, reliability and more progression.

Different Between REST & SOAP API

Basically REST API does not have any official standards because it is normally worked as architectural protocols.In case of SOAP API, it always contains official standard since it is used as a protocol.
It is uses multiple standards like HTTP, URL, JSON and XML.It is basically used HTTP and XML.
REST API always take the advantage of URL exposure for expose business logics to the outer world.SOAP API always use services interface.
REST API always used Web Application Description Language.SOAP API always used Web Service Description language for describing the functionalities offered by the Web Services.
Rest API mainly easily convenient with Javascript. Also, the implementations of this is very easy.SOAP API also support the Javascript but do not support for the implementation process.
REST API deploys many types of protocols so it takes smaller resources and bandwidth.SOAP API always used XML for the creating of Payload and the results in the large sized file.

Advantages of SOAP API

SOAP API always is a better choice in case of web development as compared to REST API. It provides the following advantages –

  1. SOAP API is always languages, platform or transport interdepend.
  2. It is always works well in the distributed enterprise environment.
  3. It always maintains its standardize process
  4. It contains built in error handling mechanism.
  5. It can be automate when we used some specific languages.

Advantages of REST API

REST API is always easier to use for the most part and is more flexible. It has the following advantages compared to SOAP API –

  1. REST API does not require any external tools to interact with the web services
  2. It is much more efficient. Since SOAP always uses XML for all types of messages. In case of REST can be used smaller message formats.
  3. It is not required any extensive processing required. This is one of the reason for the fast operations.
  4. It is very much closer to other web based technology.

When to Use SOAP or REST API?

In the web development world, it is always heard from some specific people that one process is much more better than second pressure. Because each category definitely some protocol and for related to problematic disadvantages. Sometimes SOAP is a better choice and other times REST is a better choice. In order to avoid problems later, you really do need to chart the advantages and disadvantages of a particular solution in your specific situation.

Each protocol has definite advantages and equally problematic disadvantages. You need to select between SOAP and REST based on the programming language you use, the environment in which you use it, and the requirements of the application. Sometimes SOAP is a better choice and other times REST is a better choice. In order to avoid problems  

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