Convert An Image To Grayscale Using Python

Using Python, we can do many cool things and one of those is to play with images. Do you know, you can convert any colorful image to a grayscale one, which will have a nice black and white shade?

Let’s try this out.

Required Packages

To generate a grayscale or black & white image from a given image, we need a package named Open CV that can be installed using pip as shown.

pip install opencv-python

Input Image

To perform this activity, I’m taking a colorful image as input.

Source Code

Here is the source code to generate the grayscale of the above image:

import cv2
image = cv2.imread(‘myImage.png’,0)
cv2.imshow(‘New image’,image)


On executing the above code, you will get the below output depicting an image in black and white shade.

If you would like to take a code walkthrough explaining which line of code is written for what purpose, I would recommend you to watch my video here.

Happy conversion!

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