Convert GeoTiff Files To PNG Or JPG Using PowerShell

I came across a scenario where I had to convert geoTiff Files in bulk to png or jpg images to be consumed by code and displayed on the website. So I decided to write Powershell script to do this. This article explains the code to convert tiff files to png/jpg.


A GeoTIFF(.tif/.tiff) file extension contains geographic metadata that describes the actual location in space that each pixel in an image represents. In creating a GeoTIFF file, spatial information is included in the .tif file as embedded tags, which can include raster image metadata such as,

  1. horizontal and vertical datums
  2. spatial extent, i.e. the area that the dataset covers
  3. the coordinate reference system (CRS) used to store the data
  4. spatial resolution, measured in the number of independent pixel values per unit length
  5. the number of layers in the .tif file
  6. ellipsoids and geoids - estimated models of the Earth’s shape
  7. mathematical rules for map projection to transform data for a three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional display


These are usual photo formats which can be used readily in standard apps to display the image


PowerShell runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. PowerShell is a cross-platform task automation solution made up of a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management framework.

function ConvertImage {
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
        [string] $path = 'c:\tifffiles\sample01_Images', #path to files[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
        [string] $jpgOrpng = 'png')
    if (Test - Path $path) {
        $files = Get - ChildItem - Path $path - Filter * .tif - Recurse - ErrorAction SilentlyContinue - Force | select FullName;
        echo $files;
        #Load required assemblies and get object reference[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Windows.Forms") | Out - Null
        foreach($file in $files) {
            $convertfile = new - object System.Drawing.Bitmap($file.Fullname)
            $newfilname = ($file.Fullname - replace '([^.]).tif', '$1') + "." + $jpgOrpng
            $convertfile.Save($newfilname, $jpgOrpng)
    } else {
        Write - Host "Path not found."


1. Convert tiff/geotiff to png

. ./convert.ps1   
ConvertImage -path 'E:\projects\files' -jpgOrpng 'png'

2. Convert tiff/geotiff to jpg

. ./convert.ps1   
ConvertImage -path 'E:\projects\files' -jpgOrpng 'jpg' 

To run and develop the script on a local machine you need to set the execution policy to unrestricted.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Complete code is available here -

This code uses System.Windows.Forms to convert the image from tiff to png/jpg.

This is a sample code to convert tiff(.tif or .tiff) files to png/jpg. 



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