Create and Use Funnel Charts in Power BI


A funnel chart is a specialized chart type that demonstrates the flow of users through a business or sales process. Funnel charts are most often seen in business or sales contexts, where we need to track how a starting set of visitors or users drop out of a process or flow. This chart type shows how the starting whole breaks down into progressive parts.

Steps to use Funnel Chart in Power BI

Step 1. Launch Power BI desktop or Power BI services.

(In this example, I have used Power BI services).

Step 2. Connect the data.

Step 3. You can find funnel charts as shown in the below image.

Power BI

Step 4. You can see the Funnel chart added to your page.

Funnel chart

Step 5. You have to add the categories and Values.


Step 6. Once I have moved the category and the values you can see the funnel chart based on the available data.



Funnel charts are a common option in business intelligence software, where the chart type matches its domain. Due to being a specialized chart type, funnel charts are a much less common built-in option for programmatic libraries.

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