Database Explorer-IV


This is version IV of the Database Explorer, which include the support for Access Database with SQL Server.

Technologies Used

C# ,WinForms  and ADO.NET and SQL .


How to Use?

Start the application a MDI Form with three menu will be visible as in the Screen Shot. File menu has three sub menu Access login, SQL Login and Exit . SQL Login is same as the previous sample.

The new functionality is the Access login . When you press the Access Login you are presented with a login screen asking for four input, User Name , Password ,Database and SYSTEM Database (generally in C:\Program files\Microsoft office\Office\System.mdw) or check the office installation for finding the SYSTEM.mdw file . This application depends upon this file, as this is the system file for all access database on any system this are needed to give rights of the system table. We want to view all the Access Object in the TreeView , so we have to give read permission to Access MSysObjects table(See the Query in Connect Method of the CAccessDatabase class). Once the permission is granted then its simple to get the Access objects from MSysObjects.For every access object there is a predefined type stored in the MSysObjects table, so with SQL query we can get that objects name that is there in this Code.Unlike SQL Server you can write the Query on the Access Database in the Query Analyzer,but SQL Server supports multiple query while Access Supports single query at a time. References context menu is not implement , its easy to implement it just Query MSysRelationship table and get the references.

Good luck and Enjoy C#

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