Default Solution For Canvas App - Microsoft PowerPlatform

Solution plays an important role in implementations for power platform, solutions play an important role in moving the components from the lower environment to another higher environment as a solution can contain pretty much anything including,

  • Power Automate flows
  • Canvas Apps
  • Model-Driven apps
  • Tables
  • Columns
  • Security Roles and much more

Default Solution for Canvas App - New Feature - Microsoft - PowerPlatform

Default Solution for Canvas App - New Feature - Microsoft - PowerPlatform

Default Solution for Canvas App - New Feature - Microsoft - PowerPlatform

To move a component from one moment to another it is the responsibility of every developer working in a team to add their components to a solution in a proper way and if any of the team members miss out on adding any of the dependent components to the solution then the implementation may go for a toss and the team has to redeploy the components into the environment taking much of the efforts and time.

At times developers start building the apps including model-driven apps and canvas app directly into the default solution and which creates a great problem at the end when we want to deliver the component to the higher environment reason stated the ALM team has very little knowledge or no knowledge about the components which needs to be used for development on which are the dependent components on this solution

To overcome this challenge and make life easier for the ALM team Microsoft came up with this configuration setting in the admin power platform portal wherein if the admin enables this setting then by default a canvas app or a model-driven app is developed as default solution then directly gets added to a default solution in environment with name of Common Data Services (CDS) solution.

As a best practice, I would still suggest creating a default solution of own and then starting development in that solution specifically, but this could be a way to overcome this challenge which is being faced by the LM team at times when components are not added correctly to a solution and they are part of the armor part of a default solution.

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