Deploying A Docker On Ubuntu Using Microsoft Azure Portal

In this article  I am going to show how to install Docker on Ubuntu in the Azure Portal.
An Azure Subscription. 
Follow these steps to Create a Docker on Ubuntu using Azure Portal,
Step 1
Sign-in into the Azure Portal by entering your email and the password, If you don't have any account press this Link to create a new account.Enter the mail address and press next.


Then enter your password in the Next page and press "sign-in" to sign in into the azure portal.

Step 2
In the Azure portal , we see the dashboard , press "+"new button and in the "Search bar" search for the "Docker on Ubuntu" and it shows the result then press enter to create the Docker.


Step 3
Read the Legal Terms and conditions then click the "Create" Button to invoke the Docker creation blade.


Step 4
In the VM creation blade, give the required Host name, user Name and then choose & enter the password.
Step 5
For pricing Tier , choose any configuration that corresponds to the required price list in the section.Choose the desired one and press select to select the disk.

Step 6
Leave the Optional configuration , Resourse group ,subscription and Location as the default one and then choose the docker to pin in the dashboard and then press " Create " to create the docker.

Step 7
That all finally we can create the docker that is shown by the Deployment succeeded message in the notification bar and it opens the docker on ubuntu in the Azure portal.



I hope that may understood what docker is and how to deploy the docker on ubuntu in the Azure portal.

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