Enhance Your Flutter Apps With GetxService

In this article, we'll see one of the essential features of GetX, the GetxService class. This class is a powerful tool for managing dependencies and services in your Flutter application. By the end of this article post, you'll clearly understand how to utilize the GetxService class to manage the services and dependencies of your Flutter projects efficiently.

What is GetxService?

GetxService is a feature in the GetX package for Flutter that helps you manage services and dependencies in your app. It allows you to create a service once and use it throughout your app, which makes your code more efficient and easier to maintain. You can register your service with GetX, and it will handle the service lifecycle automatically. This means you don't have to worry about creating and disposing of services, saving time and effort. With GetxService, you can easily manage the dependencies of your Flutter project and make your app more organized and scalable.

How to work the GetxService?

Let's look at how you can use GetxService in Flutter step by step,


I will develop a service to check the internet connection, so add the get and connectivity_plus packages to pubspec.yaml.

get: ^4.6.1
connectivity_plus: ^3.0.2


Create a file called network_status_service.dart and import the necessary packages.

import 'package:connectivity_plus/connectivity_plus.dart';
import 'package:get/get.dart';


Let's create the GetxService class and define the internet-checking functionality.

class NetworkStatusService extends GetxService {
    NetworkStatusService() {
            (status) async {
            }, );
    void _getNetworkStatus(ConnectivityResult status) {
        if (status == ConnectivityResult.mobile || status == ConnectivityResult.wifi) {
            print("Internet connected");
        } else {
            print("Lost the connection");


Register your service by adding it to your main.dart file with Get.put()

void main() {
    Get.put < NetworkStatusService > (NetworkStatusService(), permanent: true);

Now, if there is no internet connection, this service will automatically call and check the status of the internet.


GetxService is a handy feature of GetX that simplifies managing services and dependencies in Flutter applications. With GetxService, you can register a service with GetX and use it throughout your app without creating a new instance each time. This makes your code more efficient and saves you time and effort.

The best part about GetxService is that it automatically handles the lifecycle of the service, which means you don't have to worry about creating or disposing of objects yourself. This leads to more maintainable and organized code that is easier to scale and modify.

Using GetxService is very straightforward. You create a class that extends GetxService, register it with GetX, and then access it anywhere in your app using the Get.find() method. This allows you to easily manage your dependencies and services in your Flutter project and improve the overall structure of your code.

In summary, GetxService is an excellent tool for managing services and dependencies in Flutter apps. It simplifies the process of handling objects, improves the efficiency of your code, and makes it easier to maintain and scale your projects. Check out the GitHub repository linked in the resources section.


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