Enhanced XP Button Control


The enhanced XP style button is very easy to use and it supports Rectangle, Circle or Ellipse shape with image and different colors. This control also inherit most of the properties from the Forms.Button.

This control is created based on Joaqss XP button in his Windows XP-like Controls. I add the property BtnStyle, BtnShape and make the property Image, ImageAlign work for this control. The reason that I select Joaqss XP button to work is the button inherited from Forms.Button and it has the basic XP button function. So I got the authorization from the Joaqs to add some more features and post it for the people who like it.

Download Joaqs's Windows XP-like Controls


1. Add the control to the Toolbox.

2. Drop the control to the WinForm.

3. Select the properties:

BtnStyle : Default, Blue, Olivegreen, Silver for different look

BtnShape: Rectangle and Ellipse (if you set the size of the button as a square you got a circle button)

Image: load the image for the button.

ImageAlign: to set the layout of the image. (only support MiddleLeft, MiddleRight, TopCenter and Center)

You can still adjust the image location by change the property value of the of AdjustImageLocation to move the image around until you satisfied.

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