Get Data from Comma Separated Value (CSV) Files


If you have a CSV, it’s time to get it into your Power BI. If you save your CSV file to a local drive on your computer or another location in your organization, you can import your file into Power BI. We will see how to import CSV files in Power BI.

Step 1. Install and Launch Power BI Desktop.

Step 2. Click "Get Data"

Get data

Step 3. Click Text/CSV.


Step 4. Once you select the CSV file from the folder, you can see the below image and click Load.

Super Store

Step 5. The CSV file is imported and you can find the dataset on the right side.



We have imported CSV files into Power BI Desktop. The maximum file size you can import into Power BI is 1 GB. If you save your files to your own OneDrive account, you’ll get many of the same benefits as you would with OneDrive for work or school.

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