Get the Place Game in C#

I have written a  game in C#  called Get the Place.  It's very simple to play and easy to understand for user. The code I wrote is very simple. In this code I used arraylist and Control Array . Beginner will know how to use Image for making very simple GDI program.

Game description

This is the game of Get a Place written in C#. The game is played by clicking on a ball. In this game there are two players. Each player must continue playing step by step. The goal in this game is the target of the another player's 1 ball place. It is marked by a Label named Targe->. When one player gets the target he wins. It is very simple to win. The player must click the label Ball1 or 2 or 3 to move that ball, and then another player will do same like these. Click player 2 to play and select ball by clicking Label Ball1 or 2 and click on the from where he wants to move the Ball.

Application Design

This is a GDI+ application and utilizes the DrawEllipse and FillEllipse routines to draw the ball on the I use Arraylist to display all the ball and stones.and use mouseevent to move ball everywhere on the form. Also must check the function Intersectswith which make the game simple. also by reading these code Beginner
can make dll file .in this game made a dll file named all.dll (dynamic link library)for that need to write:

c:\csc /target:library /out:all.dll dot.cs line.cs stone.cs

these will make a dll file ,by reference user can compile form .cs

c:\csc /out:test.exe /*R:all.dll form.cs

I think this code will also a good application for examining dll file.*c are the root directory where .net Frame  work have installed., *R means Reference to compile the source code. By using visual studio 7 you dont have to do like these .I just used notepad to make source file.


This is the first look. While playing the game, one thing I noticed was it would be a nice improvement to turn it in to another game, like as make Horizontal or vertical line by placing three balls in one line. This will come out in the next version. Have fun!