How To Add A Child Or Family User Account In Windows 10


In Microsoft Windows 10, you can create two or more user accounts in your system. If your system is for personal use, then you can create a single user account. But, in the case of multiple users, you need to have multiple users accounts for the sake of security. When the other user account is created, they can't see your desktop data.
Now, if you want to create your account, follow these steps.
Step 1
First, select the Start Menu and go to Settings.
Step 2
In the Windows Settings window, select Accounts. 
Step 3
In the next window, select Other people. If your Windows 10 in not updated, then you should select the family and other users. 
Step 4
Now, on the next screen click on  Other people option again and select Add someone else to this PC.
other people
Step 5
Here, select the sign-in option for that user and click Next.
other people
If you don't have a mail account, then select the I don't have a person's sign-in information option.
Step 6
On the new window, create a new account.
create the account
Hurray! You have successfully created the new user account. 


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