Add Color To Your Visual Studio Text Editor

There are several extensions available for Visual Studio to add color in the Text Editor. I think text editor colors may enhance the developer's performance by providing a better coding experience. For this article, I'm going to use Viasfora Visual Studio Extension to add colors to the Visual Studio 2019 text editor.

Let's start.

Open Visual Studio go to the Extension menu and select Manage Extensions.

Manage extensions

Search for Viasfora in the Manage Extensions window and click on the download button to install Viasfora Extension

Click on Download

After downloading the extension Visual Studio requires you to close all open windows to begin modification or installing extensions.

Close all open windows and VSIX Installer will start installing the Viasfora extension. Click on the Modify button to confirm the installation.

Click on Modify


After confirmation, the Viasfora Extension installation will be started.

Extensionn installation

After a few seconds, the installation will be completed and a confirmation window will be shown, then click on the cancel button.

Modification complete

Now open Visual Studio and see the Text Editor colors.

Open Visual studio

We can see in lines number 30 and 35 the opening curly brace's colors have been changed.

We can also customize these colors from the Visual Studio Options for the Viasfor extension. To set the desired color go to Tools menu and select Options. Then select Viasfora or search for Viasfora.

Click on ok

Here you can specify your desired colors and settings for your text editor.

Let's see, I'm interested in changing my brace colors. There are different colors for different brace levels. I want to change my first-level brace color to red. So select the Rainbow Braces menu and change Level 1 color to red.

Rainbow colors

Now you can see that our first level curly braces color has been changed to red at line number 26.

Changed to red


In this article, we learned how to add colors to Visual Studio Text Editor by using the Viasfora extension. First, we install Viasfora Visual Studio Extension and then see how to set different colors for different things. You can explore other options to set your Text Editor according to your desire for a better coding experience.

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