How To Become A C# Corner MVP

C# Corner was founded in 2000 to share code among developers. Since then, it has evolved into one of the most popular online communities where software and data developers can learn, share knowledge, nurture skills, mentor others, find motivation, and earn rewards. 

Over 28 million users visit C# Corner each year. The platform is open to nonregistered members, but becoming a C# Corner member brings many valuable perks and rewards: 

Why you should join C# Corner?

Here are several compelling reasons to consider:

  1. Daily Updates: Stay informed with the latest news and updates in software development, published daily.
  2. Free Learning Resources: Access knowledge through articles, code samples, tutorials, downloadable resources, and free books.
  3. Interactive Forums: Pose your questions and discuss them on our active forums.
  4. Knowledge Sharing: Contribute your expertise and assist fellow developers.
  5. Mentorship: Embrace the crucial role of mentoring young talent within the community.
  6. Inspiration and Motivation: Draw inspiration and motivation from experts and, in turn, inspire and motivate others.
  7. Global Recognition: Gain international acclaim by becoming an author, speaker, forum expert, or MVP (Most Valuable Professional).
  8. Earn Reputation: Earning a reputation in the community opens up several unlocked perks, such as 1-on-1 guidance, mentorship, and networking with thought leaders and successful people.
  9. Get Rewarded: C# Corner rewards its members through points, rare digital collectibles, and tokens, which you can use for professional growth. 

C# Corner MVP Award

C# Corner acknowledges the contributions of its community members through the C# Corner MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award. This award serves as recognition for members who actively contribute to and assist the community. Among the 3 million registered members, there are currently about 150 distinguished C# Corner MVPs.

For a complete list of current MVPs, you can visit here.

How do you become a C# Corner MVP?

The award is a recognition and is given to members who help grow the community in one or more of the following ways: 

  1. Contribute articles and tutorials with code examples
  2. Help others by answering forum questions
  3. Reply to user comments
  4. Help improve the community by finding problems and providing feedback
  5. Speaking at user groups and chapter events
  6. Promoting the community by sharing on social media with friends and co-workers
  7. Becoming a moderator 

Become an MVP

Benefits of C# Corner MVP

The goal of the community is to empower its members with resources, networking, and possibilities. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a C# Corner MVP: 

  1. Global recognition of being a community leader, influencer, and expert
  2. Award, a token of appreciation
  3. Speaking opportunities at meetups, chapter events, and conferences
  4. Authoring opportunities with publishers
  5. Professional networking with industry influencers and thought leaders
  6. C# Corner Annual Conference invitation
  7. Earn and gain digital collectibles, rare gems, and tokens, and use them for personal and professional growth.

Benefits of an MVP

The C# Corner community is driven by its members. Feel free to post your questions below. 

Here is a complete video:

How do we select MVPs?

Firstly, it's essential to understand that merely writing articles on C# Corner does not guarantee the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award. The C# Corner MVP Award is a prestigious accolade reserved for our top members who are true community leaders and sources of inspiration for others.

Annually, a specific number of MVPs, ranging between 120 and 150, are chosen for this award. This implies that you must be among the top 150 contributors over the last 12 months to qualify as an MVP. Being ranked 151st might mean missing out on the selection. Contributions considered for this award include points earned from various activities such as articles, blogs, forum responses, eBooks, speaking engagements, webinars, and other community involvement. Another crucial factor is the engagement your content generates. For instance, an article attracting 1 million views in a year will earn more points than one with 1000 views. Featured articles also carry additional weight in the MVP award considerations. Contributions like speaking at conferences, writing eBooks, and hosting webinars significantly impact your score.

Additionally, some MVPs are chosen for their behind-the-scenes efforts in supporting the community and improving the platform. This can include promoting C# Corner in colleges and universities or writing code to enhance the forums.

Do you still have questions?

Please post your question below in the comments, and we will answer it. 


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