How To Become A C# Corner MVP

C# Corner was founded in 2000 to share code with other developers. Today, C# Corner has evolved as one of the most popular online communities for software and data developers to learn, share, nurture, mentor, get motivated, and get rewarded.
More than 6 million developers visit C# Corner each month. So, the question is, why would anyone want to join C# Corner? 
Here are a few reasons why one would want to join C# Corner: 
  1. The latest news and updates related to software development are published each day.
  2. Free learning for all with articles, code samples, tutorials, code samples to download, and book downloads.
  3. Ask your questions on the forums.
  4. Share your knowledge with other fellow developers and help them.
  5. Mentoring the young is a fundamental aspect of a community.
  6. Inspire others and get inspired by experts.
  7. Motivate others and get motivated by experts.
  8. Get recognized on the global stage by becoming an author, speaker, expert on forums, and MVP. 

C# Corner MVP Award

To recognize our community members, C# Corner has the C# Corner MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award. C# Corner Award is the recognition a member gets for contributing and helping the community. Currently, there are about 150 C# Corner MVPs among 3 million registered members. 
You can find a list of current MVPs here:

How to become a C# Corner MVP

The award is a recognition and is given to members who help grow the community in one or more of the following ways: 
  1. Contribute articles and tutorials with code examples
  2. Help others by answering forum questions
  3. Reply to user comments
  4. Help improve the community by finding problems and providing feedback
  5. Speaking at user groups and chapter events
  6. Promoting the community by sharing on social media, with friends, and co-workers
  7. Becoming a moderator 
Become an MVP

Benefits of C# Corner MVP

The goal of the community is to empower its members with resources, networking, and possibilities. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a C# Corner MVP: 
  1. Global recognition of being a community leader, influencer, and expert
  2. Award, a token of appreciation
  3. Speaking opportunities at meetups, chapter events, and conferences
  4. Authoring opportunities with publishers
  5. Professional networking with industry influencers and thought leaders
  6. C# Corner Annual Conference invitation
Benefits of an MVP
The C# Corner community is driven by its members. Feel free to post your questions below. 
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