How To Become A Good Developer


Hello guys, today I am going to share with you some tips that will help you how to become a good developer. So let's start.
  • Habit Of Source Code Reading
  • Practice
  • Follow the Structure
  • Virtual Communication
  • Documentation is key
  • Tools and technique
  • Eager to learn
These are the points I am going to tell you in detail.

Habit of Source Code Reading

If you want to become a good actor, then you need to first watch movies. You can't become a good actor without watching the movies and without any acting skills. The same thing is in development, if you want to become a good developer and want to write a good code, then you should need to read source code and understand the code logic.
But most developers don't want to read the source code as they find it boring.
I want to add one more thing here. When you go to the market and you see lots of banners, I can say that 90% of the banners and posters you read in your mind do not give you any profit, but we are still reading those things.
Reading source code written by others gives you the opportunity to criticize the mistakes done in writing that code. You will be able to identify the mistakes other software developers have done in their source code which you should not repeat.


Any good skill comes from practice, for example, when you were learning driving for the first time then you need to remember steps. But when you're expert in driving, then you do it without any remembered steps. This is because the steps were saved in your subconscious mind.
It's the same thing in developing. Without practice, you can't become an expert developer.

Virtual Communication

Communication is very important in the development field and also in this COVID-19 situation. When you are going to talk with your senior or junior you must have good communication skills. If you have good developing skills, and you don't have a communication skill, then you can't grow more. It is the same oppositely in your team, if someone has good communication skills, but is not good enough in developing, then there might be changes he/she can grow. So communication is very important.

Follow the Structure

When you join a new company, there are many chances your company will provide you some source code and tell you to add some more features to this application.
In this situation, I want to tell you don't go and write code first. The first thing you should need to do take some time and understand the structure of the application. Try to find out how the application behaves and what is the structure application follows. When you understand these things then you go and add your code.

Documentation is Key

If you work any project or any application part you should need to make documentation for this. Because there are many changes after some time you forget something so in these cases if you have documentation then you can easily remind those things or you need to look again in the coding part. So make personal documentation for each project. That will help you in the future.

Tools and Technique

Sometimes we stuck in a coding part after spending lots of time we can't get a proper answer. In this situation I will suggest you search on Google there is some tools or technique that will help you come out this kind problem.

Eager to Learn

We always learn from books and nowadays from internet. However, developing is such a field where we learn a lot from our colleagues. They are our best references, but there are developers who either feel shy in asking their doubts or are not thankful for others so ultimately when they ask next time they don't get any response.
So I will suggest to you that if you don't know something, just ask your colleagues. Don't feel bad and try to learn those things.


As a web developer, I follow these principles. If you are a fresher's and you want to become a good developer then in my mind, you should follow the above things. There are many other things, but in this article, I describe a few topics. If you like these articles, please comment and encourage me to write this kind of article.
Thank you for reading.