How To Become A Good Developer


Hi guys, today I am going to share with you some tips on how to become a good developer. So before going to make any delay let’s start.

To become a good developer, we need to follow some steps, which are:

  • The habit of source code reading
  • Practice
  • Follow the structure
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Community
  • Eager to learn

The habit of source code reading

A famous quote says that if you want to become a good speaker, you have to listen first; You can’t become a good speaker without becoming a good listener. If you want to write good code, you should read other developers' code as well. By reading the other developer's code, you will understand their logic and see their point of view on solving the same problem.

However, most developers don't like to read source code because they find it boring. But reading other developers' code gives us the opportunity to criticize the mistakes they made when writing that code. By identifying the mistakes other software developers have made in their code, you will be able to avoid them.

It is important to read source code as a first step toward becoming a good developer.

Your habits will determine your future


When you were a child, Learning to ride a bicycle, you fell down, and you got a little injured, but you still wanted to ride it. One day came and you finally could ride the bicycle.

Similarly, programming work requires the same approach. You will become a good programmer by writing code and practicing. Being a good developer requires practice.

Practice makes you perfect

Follow the Structure

In most cases, you will be asked to add some new features to the existing application.

If you get this kind of work, I recommend you don't write the code first. Rather, take some time to understand the coding structure. Discover the application's behavior and the structure it follows. Once you understand these things, you can start writing code.

Continue on the existing path


My communication skills were poor when I joined my first company, but I was good at acquiring new skills. Due to my lack of communication skills, I didn't get the opportunity to become a team leader.

After the COVID-19 situation, communication skill is very important because managing and communicating virtually requires good communication skills.

You cannot grow more if you have good developing skills and no communication skills. The opposite is true in your team, if someone has good communication skills, but not enough skills in development, then there might be opportunities for him/her to grow. Effective communication will help you to achieve your goals.

Be careful with your words once spoken they cannot be taken back


Make personal documentation for every project you work on. Note down all the important points about the project. Whenever you forget something, you can easily access the documentation.

Whenever I make documentation for a project, I store links to external resources, login credentials, etc.

Documentation isn't about what we do, but what we search for


Whenever you are stuck on a coding problem, search on Google for a solution. If you didn't get the correct answer, post your question on StackOverflow or another community platform.

When you are stuck, community support is crucial. Contributing to the community is also important.

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can accomplish so much

Eager to Learn

Traditionally, we learn from books, but nowadays, we learn from the internet. However, development is such a field where we learn a lot from one another. There are developers who feel shy in asking about their doubts and are not grateful for others' help, so the next time they ask they do not receive a response.

Therefore, if you are not sure of something, simply ask your colleagues. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching


I always try to follow the above principle as a developer. I am sure that following these principles will help you to become a good developer if you are a fresher.

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Love from Sarfaraj.

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