How To Create A Classic Site In SharePoint Online

This article explains how to create a SharePoint site with classic experience in Microsoft 365 tenant – by out-of-the-box means and also via PowerShell.


While modern SharePoint sites are the rage of the moment and there seems to be no looking back, there might still be scenarios where you need your SharePoint classic online sites. In this article, we will see how to create this to. Also, classic sites are not going anywhere right now. As per Microsoft’s official statement, classic sites and modern sites are going to co-exist with each other for the foreseeable future (refer to this article for more details).

While creating modern sites is very straightforward in SharePoint Online, creating classic sites is a bit sneaky. Follow along with the steps mentioned below to create the classic site.

Steps using the out-of-the-box method

Please follow along with the instructions in sequence to create the classic site in SharePoint online.

Step 1. Open SharePoint Admin Center by logging into this location.


Step 2. Click on Active Sites under the category Sites, and then click on Create.

Active sites

Step 3. In the following pop-up that opens, click on Other Options.

Other options

Step 4. From the following screen choose a template section, and select More Templates.

More templates

Step 5. The previous step will take you to the classic site creation screen. Enter the site name and other relevant details and click on OK.

Create site collection

This concludes the steps for classic site creation by out-of-the-box means.

Steps using PowerShell online

Classic site in SharePoint online can also be achieved using PowerShell Online cmdlets. Below are the steps to achieve this.

Step 1. Open PowerShell ISE.

Step 2. Run the command connect-SPOService.

Run the command connect

Step 3. The previous command will prompt for the SharePoint online tenant URL. Make sure that you enter the tenant administration site. After the admin tenant is entered, the user will be prompted for a username and password. Once authenticated, we will proceed to the next step.

Connect SPO service

Sign in

Step 4. In this step, we will create the classic site. Enter the command for site creation.

  1. New-SPOSite: Url"MyClassicSite"[email protected]#0.
    Command for site creation

The above step will create the classic site in SharePoint Online. It can be verified by running the command Get-SPOSite.


This concludes the article for creating Classic Sites in Modern SharePoint, by out-of-the-box means as well as PowerShell Online.