How To Create A Windows 10 System Backup Image


Creating a backup of your computer is important. Windows 10 operating system has a useful System Backup and Restore feature that allows you to create a copy or an image of your PC with all operating system files, drivers, settings, and user files. This step by step tutorial guides you on how to create your Windows 10 PC backup image that can be restored just in case your system has any issues.
Here are the steps.
Step 1
Right-click on the Start icon and then, select Control Panel. Alternatively, hit WIN+S, and type "Control Panel" in the search text box; followed by an Enter to launch Control Panel.


Step 2
On "All Control Panel Items", click on File History.  

Step 3
On this page, you can see the history of files and also create a new backup of files.
On this screen, select "System Image Backup" from the bottom of the left pane.

Step 4
Click on "Create a system image" option, as you can see in the left pane.
Step 5
When you click on "Create a system image", you are asked to select the location where you want to save that image file. If you have an external hard drive or pen drive attached to the system, you will see those options as well. You can also provide DVDs or even a network location.
Select the location and click "Next". 

Step 5
The next window will ask you to confirm the location. If everything looks good, click "Start backup" button.
That's it. Now, Windows 10 will let you know that your system image is being created at your selected location. You will get a message once the system image is completed. 


Once the image is completed, whenever you need to restore your system, you can use this image in the Restore process.